Triple Helix - Graphics Edition (Novel in Russian Language)

The Triple Helix is a science fiction novel written in Russian by Anna Chukhraienko. This is the first novel ever to be published on the blockchain page by page.

Every page has been turned into a unique piece of art using the text from the novel and line drawing. The major emotions of each page are reflected in the art. A total of 89 unique NFTs are released in the collection.

This is your chance as a collector to own a part of history!

About the novel: Reading this book its like exploring the limitless strands of DNA. The book begins with readers' introduction to a young beauty with angelic character traits. Her name is Eve, a biblical name representing the beginning of humanity. Unaware of her unique abilities, this dramatic character lives the life of an ordinary young girl, experiencing first love, the charm of male, new cultures, and countries. The book takes the reader on a journey together with Eve as she struggles and explores the possibility of living forever.

The cover graphics are executed in a modern mono-line design, reflecting the key themes of the book such as science, history, humanity.

The DNA double helix reflects the current scientific knowledge of the human body. Lily symbolizes purity, love, eternity. Red conveys femininity, beginning, energy but also war, destruction. Napoleon's hat characterizes one of the main characters of the book with the expression of the author's intention.


Графика обложки исполнена в современном дизайне моно-линии, отображая ключевую тематику книги: науку, историю, человечество. Двойная спираль ДНК отображает текущие научные познания человеческого организма. Лилия символизирует чистоту, непорочность, любовь, вечность. Красный цвет передает женственность, начало, энергию, но также войну, разрушение. Шляпа Наполеона характеризует главного персонажа с выражением авторской интенции.