When came the time to get my book published, which I’ve been writing for over a year, friends in the high tech world suggested releasing it on the Ethereum blockchain. Every ordinary person has heard of the blockchain: it is the future, smart contracts, and the crypto society. By an ordinary person, I mean someone like me, who can only start and shut down their own computer, write stories in Word program and use the Internet for general searches.

Triple Helix is #13 on Opensea.io's New Collections charts!

So I googled new digital art on the blockchain. The first thing you are going to see on the Internet is NFT (non-fungible token) and all the crazy sales artists have made in the past.

In the beginning, I couldn’t connect to this new high-tech digital art world.

But when I heard that my novel would stay in computer memory forever, as long as the intellect can survive, I got the inspiration to create something new that no one else had done before!

I began to publish a graphical version of my novel in Russian, page by page, using NFT technology. And yes, I was very excited by the idea that I would be the first in the art world to do this, and all of the graphics pages would stay somewhere on the blockchain forever, which I can’t fully understand but it sounds very cool and progressive.

I started following the NFT community on Twitter and discovered a whole new, different world. They use strange words like gas, minting, ETH and others. I got to know some new characters for my next book there, which is a lot of fun! Also, this week, I reached 13th place worldwide in the Top New NFT Artist and 66th place in the Top NFT Artist overall! My creative graphic pages were valued and minted by collectors. It’s a big deal for me to be part of a whole new world and to be welcomed onto the list of 13th new NFT artists.

Triple Helix is #66 on Opensea.io's All Collections charts!

The philosophy of my story is that success comes to the open-minded people who enjoy discovering the endless world outside of their mind! And according to Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry! Stay foolish!”